Privacy Policy

Our website will ensure the security of user’s privacy. The privacy policy of this website is mentioned below:

1. Information assembled through our website:

The website will not accumulate any of your personal information unless you contact us on your own by using your email address for any query or issue.

Other methods for collecting information:

If you’re using any social site and you may contact through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other source, then it might possible that your information may be collected from your social account, you have submitted on your account. The data may be seen by a third party depending on your privacy settings, you’ve enabled according to you.

Methods by which third parties and advertiser may assemble your information: is not responsible for any links present on our site offered by third parties. If you are sharing your personal information about your cards with any 3rd party, your information may be used and is not responsible to you for any issue. You can change your cookies settings on your needs.

2. Information Shared

Your information may be shared by our website in rare cases like:

  • For satisfying the law passed by the government, applicable on you.
  • To answer the government regarding any applicable law with or without your awareness.

3. Security of Information

We will not always assure you about the personal information, you are sharing on our website and you are responsible for your date, you are submitting. We will try our best to secure it but we will not indemnify you.

4. Children Information will not collect any information of any user, who is under 18.

5. Update in Policy

Keep in mind that can update the policy any time and they have rights for updating it. We will upload the date of updating at the bottom of the page.

6. How to Contact Us?

If you have any problem or query related to, then feel free to contact us by posting a comment.